Five things we learned from the 2015 All-Africa Games


Following the end of the 11th All Africa Games alongside the 4th women football event last weekend, here’s Faithful’s FTWL from the games.


CAF Must Do More For Women’s Football In Africa

It is disappointing to see that the coverage of Football at the just concluded All Africa games was beyond poor. Congo Brazzaville on the 14th day of September 2011 won the bid to host the Games that is almost four years of knowing they would host the games which certifies that CAF had a lot of time to prepare itself and the teams participating in the tournament.

The Confederation of African football (CAF), which is the governing body of all things football in the continent has reneged in its course of building and growing football in Africa.

The surprising case of Egypt withdrawing from the tournament few days to the competition actually isn’t CAF’s fault but with no rules about teams withdrawing from competitions is unacceptable. CAF needs to come up with plans somewhat of fining or banning teams so as to clamp down on teams withdrawing from tournament without prior notice.

During this tournament adequate Team news, information, line-ups and Live score reports of the games weren’t even on the CAF official website or Social Media platforms.


The Black Queens can Smile

When Cameroon beat Ghana 1-0, four years ago at the 2011 All African Games in Maputo Mozambique in the final, it looked liked Ghanaian fans would have to wait longer for a medal in women’s football.

The Black Queens have had it really poor in recent times, failing to qualify for the 2011 and 2015 world Cup in Canada, the 2012 London Olympics and also failing to advance from the group stage in last year’s CAF Women’s Championship. ‘

When Portia Boakye scored her second goal for the Ghanaian women’s senior team, to earn the gold medal, it was celebrated with much pomp and pageantry in Accra and Ghanaian fans can believe in the Queens again.

In all this, the Black Queens can look to solidifying themselves and creating a niche for themselves as one of the teams to beat in Africa.


Clementine Toure is Building An Empire


When Clementine Toure took over the job as the Head Coach of the Ivory Coast Women’s national team, she was tasked with the job of making the Ivory Coast women’s team competitive and she’s doing just that.

Before she took the job, Ivory Coast have never qualified for the FIFA World cup neither have they qualified for the CAF Women’s Championship. Madame Toure came and all this changed in five years.

Clementine Toure led Ivory ​Coast to famous victories over Tournament favourites, South Africa in the 2014 CAF Women’s championship to qualify for the Final and for their Debut appearance at the World Cup.

Clementine Toure and Ivory Coast’s recent achievement is beating Africa’s most decorated and Successful women’s team, the Super Falcons of Nigeria, twice in 5 days, 2-1 on each occasion and on the two Occasions they were clearly the better side.

Her squad is made up of more players from the local league and just a few who play in foreign leagues. She has youth and experience in her team and is slowly and surely building a team that can rival any team in Africa.


West Africa and the others

Recently, there’s becoming a tale of having two Female teams in Africa- West Africa and the Others.

West Africa continues to dominate female football in the continent and it’s not prejudiced. The best teams in Africa are from West Africa and it’s not a coincidence.

The teams that represented Africa at the just concluded World cup are from west Africa. The teams in the semi finals of the CAF Women’s Championship were made up of three West African Countries and also the teams in the Semi-Final of the just concluded All African Games were- you guessed right- West Africans.

And it’s not a surprise that West African Countries continue to churn out the best players, best teams and football stars in Africa.

Since CAF started recognising Africa’s best Female player in 2001, only two non West African’s have won the award – South Africa’s Noko Matlou in 2008 and Equatorial Guinea’s Genoveva Anonma in 2012 -the others have been scooped by West African players.

If there’s one major thing the All African Games showed us is that Countries in West Africa are on another level and the rest of Africa needs some big catching up to do.


Fans of The Super Falcons Need To Panic


The Super Falcons had a back to back devastating tournament. Finishing bottom of their group in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and now finishing fourth and without a medal at the All Africa Games which has left fans in the country and Continent panicking.

The Super Falcons have lost 6 out of 10 competitive games, with just two wins and two draws that is a paltry 20% win ratio since the June 2015 and that’s a poor return from a team of their pedigree.

There’s really a retrogressive streak here and it needs to be rectified quickly because its continues to look like all the teams in Africa are getting better and better and are leaving Nigeria behind.

Nigeria can boast of their youth teams and they keep churning out exciting and quality players tournament after tournament.

The Super Falcon’s inability to qualify for the 2016 Olympics game is also an issue. The Last time they did was in 2008. The Job of the head Coach is vacant and that doesn’t speak well of the team. The NFF needs to do the necessary now before other teams grow and leave the Falcons behind.


Faithful Akpojovwo
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