EXCLUSIVE: Stars of the ”Dream Team” share their experience in Limpopo (Pt. II)

Dream Team's Day 3 at the black Leopards game
Dream Team’s Day 3 at the black Leopards game

By Sizakelep Nkosi

Footballers of the ‘’Dream Team” (An NGO responsible for the project highlighted below) spoke exclusively to Ladies Match from their camp base in Limpopo- where the footballers are preparing for their European tour end of this year-.
These players are the fortunate ladies selected from different clubs around the country in hope to impress overseas clubs, in pursuit of getting signed.

Defender Phumudzo Thanyani plays for Ma-Indies in Limpopo province. Thanyani is Banyana Banyana’s centre-back (Noko Matlou teammate at club level. Ma-Indies in Sasol league stream B are laying in second position with 21 points from 9 games are behind from log leaders Chippas Ladies FC, who have 25 points from 11 games.

Speaking exclusively with Ladies March South African Correspondent Sizakelep Nkosi, she shares more details on the dream team project.

KEY– We use initials for the interviews LM for ‘’Ladies March’’, PT for ”Phumudzo Thanyani”

LM: How was your first day in camp?
PT: It was nice, we have amazing coaches. We had our first training session and we will have a second one in later.

LM: Meeting the other players, what were your impressions with the quality of players present?
PT: To be honest with you… We’ve got great players here! I didn’t know South Africa has so much talent.

Day 3 coaching clinic for the Dream Team
Day 3 coaching clinic for the Dream Team

LM: Are you surprised with the talent because you play in the Sasol league?
PT: I play in Sasol league at provincial level. Here in camp we have players from different parts of South Africa, such as Western Cape and Durban and they are all talented.

LM: You are part of the very lucky players going to Europe. How do you feel about that?
PT: I am very excited, I’m happy! I have never been out of this country and its going to be first time!

LM: What do you want to achieve when you get into Europe?
PT: My first goal is to get selected to travel to Europe. After this camp, I am not doing to sit down. I will have my own fitness programme. But, what i want to gain there, is experience from the quality of football they play there.

LM: You certainly have your weaknesses. How are you working on them right now?
PT: I am working on my fitness level by improving my technical awareness.

LM: Noko Matlou is your teammate at Ma-Indies. What advise does Noko bring from the national team to the club level?
PT: Noko is a great player and I play alongside her. She helps us young players and we grow every day. We learn from her and she shares the knowledge she gets from the national team. And she is a humble person, down to earth.

LM: Since we are talking about the national team. Would you like to represent the country?
PT: Of course! Every girl wants to represent the national team.

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