Sunny Iwegbu cries for ”change” in Nigeria Women League Board

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The South-South Chairman of Women Football Development Association, Mr Sunny Iwegbu has cried out for change in the administration of the women’s league in Nigeria.

Ladies match crew had an exclusive interview with him over the weekend.

Ladies Match : The league just got concluded and a lot of people complained about irregularities in the league. How do we improve the league ?

Suuny : When you think about the irregularities in the women league, you think about the administrators, the league board. The amateur league has secured a mega sponsor in the person of Chief Ifeanyi Ubah. Who is the sponsor of the women league? Do you know that when the Super Eagles and even the home based are training in the National Stadium Abuja, they would be escorted with number of vans of Policemen but when our Super Falcons ; both home based and foreign are playing, nobody cares if anything is happening. I think the present women league board is a mess and we to look inward to improve our league.

Ladies Match: Election is around the corner , what are your expectations ?

The winner of Nigeria Professional League (Enyimba) was given 30 million naira and all the clubs in  the NPFL paid 10 million naira before the commencement of the league. How much was given to the winner of female league? Nothing! But all the team that played in the league registered with 500,000 naira. If you multiply it  with the 16 teams in the tournament, that’s about 8 million naira. The women league board headed by Dilichukwu Onyedinma never monitored any league, never paid referees indemnity, never paid accommodation for referee. So, what then was the enrollment money used for ? Nothing! The team that won the league was given a cup without money and the same person wants to come back to women league board. I, Sunny Iwegbu says no.

Ladies Match: So, what can you proffer as the way forward  ?

Sunny : The way forward is a major change in women league board.

Ladies Match : Are we expecting the change in the up coming election?


Chaiperson of the Nigeria Women Football League, Dilichukwu Onyedinma
Chaiperson of the Nigeria Women Football League, Dilichukwu Onyedinma

Sunny : We can get the change if those of us in the women league know what we want. Are you aware that at the last All Africa Games in Congo, our Falcons washed their jerseys to play a match. Can that happen with the male team, Super Eagles? Are you also aware that a player would be invited all the way from Maiduguri (Northern Nigeria) and every part of the country to Falcons or the Falconets camp but when that player  is going back, she is given N10,000 ($50) after spending months in the camp. What’s the money for? Toiletries? Cream ? These same players spend their money to come to camp and we say we have a women league board, We have Dilichkwu Onyedinma, We have a chairperson?. I, Sunny Iwegbu says no! Enough is Enough.

Ladies Match : Nigeria Football Federation is yet to name a coach for Super Falcons. What kind of a coach are you expecting?

Sunny: When we talk of women football, we have not done well for women football. Is there any (top) country in Europe, South America that has succeeded with a foreign coach ? None. Then people are talking about a foreign coach for the Super Falcons. Can NFF get a foreign coach for Super Falcons and keep them in Nigeria to monitor our league ? No. So, Nigeria still needs an indigenous coach for the Super Falcons. I will advise the Nigeria Football Federation to look inwards in our league and get a coach.

Ladies Match : Thank you Sir for speaking with us 

Sunny : It’s my pleasure.



Faith Oluchi
Faith Oluchi is a passionate lover of sports. She played football during her days in school and wanted to take it up as a career but her Parents discouraged her. That still did not kill her passion for sports. Faith can deny herself food just to watch football.She is big fan of Chelsea and back home in Nigeria, she follows the female national teams with passion. She has a dream that the Super Falcons of Nigeria would someday win the World Cup

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