Cameroon 2016 represents victory for women’s football

Time and time again, women’s football in Africa has continually craved followership, but the kind it has gotten today at the Ahmadou Ahidjio stadium in Yaounde, is unprecedented and insanely overwhelming.

With over 40,000 cheerful beating hearts already in the stands five hours before kick off, a lot more still queuing to get in,  and a whole lot more walking down to the stadium, what other explanation does anyone need to understand Cameroon’s love for women’s football?

From different parts of the country and beyond, many have travelled and walked the distance since 5:00am to come and witness women’s football scheduled for 15:30pm at its best, as the hosts Cameroon, go head to head with the defending Champions, Nigeria.
The LadiesMarch crew watched on as the highly entertained crowd danced to the many songs that made the stadium vibrate.
There have been live performances, including the Mascot, LiLi, coming out with her crew to dance and hail the spectators.
This was expected, considering how the intimidating Cameroonian fans have always turned up for their Indomitable Lionesses since the start of the tournament.
Even now, Nigerian fans are lost in the crowd. Green and white is being subdued by green, red and yellow but in all, this is not just about Cameroon, it is victory for women’s football on the continent.
Lots of dignitaries have already flooded the VIP section, with the stadium erupting at the arrival of the president Paul Biya into the stadium.
The sun is up, the stage is set, the Lionesses have roared and the closing ceremony is on.

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