Oshoala is my role model says Ghana’s Osei

By Rachael Ugiagbe 

Veronica Owusu Osei is an upcoming footballer studying double major in Biology and Natural Science at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, USA.

Born in Ghana, Osei began playing football, at a tender age of seven, with boys in her neighborhood, at a time she had little or no idea about women’s soccer.

She played for Ajax Babies, a local boys team in Kumasi until a coach recruited her to play for Ghana Telecom Ladies.

The Ghanaian currently plays for her college team, but the midfielder hopes to one day become the next Asisat Oshoala in the women’s game.

“For the female side, it’s Asisat Oshoala from Nigeria and USA’s Morgan Brian and the male side it’s Brazilian playmaker Kaka and Spanish international Andres Iniesta,” Osei revealed her role models in an interview with Soccer Queens.

“She (Oshoala) is very confident on the ball. She’s calm, honest, not selfish and she always looks out for her teammates. And most importantly, she’s very dedicated to the game.

“Although, I have never met her before but I have observed these qualities about her, because I have always admired her secretly and I like her style of play.”

When asked if she has played for Ghana at any of the national teams before, Osei said she is yet to be called up by the coaches despite her willingness to represent her country.

“No, the first time I was to be a part of the tryout for the Under 17 side when I came to Ghana from school, I was told that players had already been selected.

“And since then, I decided to focus on my education,” she concluded.

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