Coach Ogbonda lambasts Ibom Angels’ management

Coach of Ibom Angels Whyte Ogbonda has lambasted the club’s management for dropping two players in mid-season without the knowledge of the coaching crew.

Earlier this month, Blessing Dabrinze and Ugochi Okadike were released by the club and this was made known to the media by the Team Manager Christopher Essiet.

For Dabrinze, one would have thought her National Youth Service Corps commitment was the reason why she was released. However, in his reaction, coach Ogbonda dismissed that thought and opined that hatred was the reason for letting the players go.

“I don’t think Blessing Dabrinze was dropped because of her NYSC, it’s just hatred from the management,” the former Rivers Angels assistant coach told LadiesMarch. “I think the Chairman and the Team Manager of the team hated the girl so much, I don’t know what she did to them. Since she came to this club they have been putting so much pressure on her.”

“Me, I even saw it (the news) on the pages of newspaper and on the internet. People called me to ask me why Dabrinze was dropped and I said I didn’t know she had been dropped. I had to go to the internet to check it up.

“Till today the Team Manager and the Chairman have not told me why a player should be dropped without consulting the Technical Adviser or other coaches of the team, so I was just surprised. That girl was just dropped it’s not as if she’s not playing.  She played five of the six matches we’ve played so far. She’s performing well,” he concluded.

Coach Ogbonda does not see any reason why Ugochi Okadike should have been dropped as well. He feels she is also a victim of ‘personal hatred’.

“If actually they wanted to drop players there are players who have not even made the team, who have not even sat on the bench that they are supposed to drop but they left such players.”

Coach Ogbonda further revealed that it has been difficult trying to recruit new players ahead of the second stanza of the Nigeria Women Premier League.

“No player would want to come to Ibom Angels. We were unable to get any replacements. Who would want to come to Ibom Angels? Most of the players we called refused coming because they are not sure of their salaries, because as soon as the season ends, they will stop the payment.

“Even now the management are playing pranks with the players by not giving them their contract papers. The contract papers are with them (the management) but when the players demand for it, they start playing pranks with the players, so those things scare most of the players who want to come to the team. We even needed a goalkeeper but nobody wants to come,” Ogbonda disclosed to LadiesMarch.

Ahead of the second round of the 2016/17 NWPL season which commences on June 21, coach Ogbonda is hoping that he would have the full complement of his squad to select from.

“50 percent of the players I have now are just recovering from one sickness or the other but hopefully before Wednesday (June 21) I should be able to have a team that will execute our match in Owerri.”

Ibom Angels FC will be up against Heartland Queens FC of Owerri on Wednesday June 21 at the Nekede Polytechnic pitch in Imo State. The reverse fixture in Uyo ended 4-0 in their favour.

The Uyo based side are currently fourth in Group A with seven points from six matches.

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