FIFA Rankings: Nigeria leads Africa as USA tops the world

Janine Anthony

Nigeria retains her spot as Africa’s highest ranked nation in the latest edition of the FIFA Women’s Ranking made available on June 23, 2017.

The Super Falcons are still ranked 34th in the world from the last release in March, firmly on 1613 points. Ghana and Cameroon make up the top three with the Black Queens dropping one place to 46th on 1499 points while the Indomitable Lionesses stay in 47th with no points added to 1484 points from March.

Equatorial Guinea dropped two places to 53 despite their CAF suspension on 1446 points while South Africa follows closely in 54th spot and similar to the two-time African Champions, sink two places down, rounding up the top five with 1444 points.

39 countries of the 41 CAF Nations either slipped down or were not ranked in the June 2017 edition. Only Nigeria and Cameroon didn’t move places. Malawi were Africa’s worst movers, plunging 12 places to not being ranked officially by FIFA due to inactivity for more than 18 months.

Usurping Germany to reclaim world number one is the United States of America. World Cup 2019 hosts France, complete the top three.

Meanwhile, Chile were the biggest movers jumping 76 spots to take the 41st position as Jamaica slipped down the top 100 posting the worst move, 59 positions down.

CAF Rankings
34 Nigeria
46 Ghana
47 Cameroon
52 Equatorial Guinea
53 South Africa
64 Côte d’Ivoire
72 Tunisia
73 Morocco
76 Algeria
81 Egypt
82 Senegal
86 Zimbabwe
88 Mali
97 Ethiopia
102 Guinea
105 Burkina Faso
106 Zambia
107 Namibia
112 Tanzania
115 Rwanda
118 Kenya
119 Uganda
122 Botswana
Unranked                                                                                                                                                                            Congo **
Benin **
Angola **
Congo DR **
Sierra Leone **
Eritrea **
Gabon **
Guinea-Bissau **
Libya *
Liberia **
Mozambique **
Malawi **
Swaziland **
Lesotho **
Comoros *
Madagascar *
Burundi *
Mauritius *


* Provisionally listed due to not having played more than five matches against officially ranked teams
** Inactive for more than 18 months and therefore not ranked

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