Ethiopia launch unprecedented women’s CAF license courses

By Firew Asrat

As Ethiopia is taking different measures to promote Women’s football, the Ethiopia football federation (EFF) gave CAF C coaching license courses in collaboration with Confederation of African Football; the first of its kind in East Africa.

With 36 participants across 15 days which spanned from June 28 – July 12, 2017, they stemmed from all Ethiopian regions and different backgrounds, including former and current national team players.

In addition, coaches on different developmental projects were among the participants, as well as Sports Science graduates, who are working as educators in different schools.

Instructors-Left to right (Selamawit Zeraye, Sewnet Bishaw,Meskerem Tadesse, Abraham MebratuAnd Meserte Manni)

Interestingly, there was also a Doctor involved,  Dr. Endegena Alemso, Adama City FC player & Physician, Bachelors and Masters degree holders as well as different certificate holders.
EFF Deputy Secretary General, Meskerem Tadesse Goshime (FIFA Master) was among the five Instructors, who gave lectures for 15 days at the seven-year-old Ambo FIFA Goal project training center situated in Addis Ababa
Speaking to the BBC, Tadesse Goshim described the achievement as motivational and sees the potential in women’s football in the country.

‘I am happy that we are able to achieve this. This was what I wanted to do Four years ago when I was working as women’s football development officer at EFF. It was also big for me to be part of this course as an instructor

”We have observed a lot of potentials from our participant coaches. They were really great both in Theory Class and in the field practice. I will not be surprised after 5 years to see these coaches leading successful teams.”

”What initiated EFF for this Coaching course is that our federation believes in developing women’s football . We believe that in order to facilitate the growth of women’s football we need educated and trained women coaches

”Right now, if you look at our women’s premier league, more than 90% of the 20 teams are coached by men. Only 3 teams are led by women Coaches (St. George, Ethiopia Coffee and Tiret Cooperate).

”We want to see changes in this and such kinds of courses will also empowers women’s to coach in men’s Premier league too

”We also hope that this course will motivate a lot of people to give their attention to women’s football. It will motivate other women to participate in the development of women’s football in their own province.”

The course was conducted by five, consisting of three women Ethiopian CAF instructors namely Meseret Manni (The former Ethiopia women’s NT head coach, the only African to Coach in men’s Premier league), Selamawit Zeraye (St.George FC head coach) and Meskerem Tadesse Goshime(FIFA Master and deputy secretary General of Ethiopia football federation). This was supported by senior instructors ‘Abraham Mebratu’ the current Yemen men’s National Team Coach ‘and ‘Sewenet Bishaw’ the former Ethiopia men’s National Head Coach .

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