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LadiesMarch? Doesn’t ring a bell

LadiesMarch (LM) is Africa’s first exclusive all-women football network. With contributors from Egypt to
Zimbabwe, the LM team pieces together the exciting yet unheralded world of African women’s football.

How long has this been in existence?
LM commenced operations in 2015 when a group of young, vibrant and passionate women football
reporters, teamed up to create an online platform that covers and celebrates Africa’s heroines at
club, national and international level. We also seek to lend our voices and pens to the global women’s game and women in football.

It is a subsidiary of FairScence Ltd.

What are some of your work?
Through our exceptional contributors, we’ve recorded milestones as media and observers, through our
coverage and participation in tournaments, competitions and events such as:
 2014 Africa Women Championship, Namibia – Accredited Media
 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Canada – Accredited Media/Features
 2016 U-17 World Cup, Jordan – Accredited Media/Attendee
 2016 Africa Women’s Cup of Nations, Cameroon – Accredited Media/Attendee
 BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year (2016 & 2017) – Panelist & Programme/Documentary
 International women’s football podcast – Featured Guest
 CAF Awards – Media/Attendee
 FIFA Women’s Football Leagues – Media/Observers team
 Media coverage of African leagues in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda,
Tanzania, amongst others.