Financial crisis reaches peak at Delta Queens



Head Coach of Nigerian Women Premier League side Delta Queens, Dan Evumena, has lamented over the poor funding rocking the Delta State owned club. 


The development reached a climax when the South-South outfit failed to honour their Federation Cup Round of 16 game against Nasarawa Amazons earlier this month in Ibadan.  


Evumena disclosed to Ladies March that he has tried to fund the team from his pocket for the past six months but had to stop because he could no longer carry the burden of the state government on his shoulders. 


“I’m not a staff but a contract staff. Do they expect me to fund the club with my money when I am also yet to be paid? At this level of coaching, I can’t be sacrificing for the government. I have done it in the past, I’m not sure I can do it anymore.


If they don’t have funds to release to the team, then it is best I sit at home and go out there in search of money to take care of myself and family if it means carrying cements and block.” a visibly exasperated Evumena said. 


He also added that his players tried to sponsor the trip to Ibadan for the Federation Cup game but he had to stop them because there was no guarantee of getting their money back from the government. 


“They wanted to go to Ibadan for the game against Amazons with their money and I said no, they won’t go. If they had gone, it means they would be covering the problem in the team. If the management had half the funds to take us for the game, we would have found a way to go but there was no money at all to travel to Ibadan.” he revealed. 


The Nigeria Women Premier League resumed on Saturday July 25, with Week eight fixtures and Delta Queens lost 2-0 to Osun Babes, away. 


Speaking ahead of the anticipated resumption of the league, the former Falconets coach says he has restructured his team into two dimensions to suit the provision that would be released by the management. 


“I have restructured my team into two. Those that would go in full and (those that would go in) quarter. All I will do is to reduce the number of the players and officials that will travel for the game. If they get the money, we will honour the match but I know it is based on probability.” Evumena said. 


Osun Babes have now toppled Delta Queens to take top spot on the NWPL table in Group A. 



Article by Queen John

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