We want to make history- Evelyn Nwabuoku

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Before the Women’s World Cup, The 28 year old Super Falcons skipper and Central Midfielder who recently joined Kazakhstan Champions Biik Kazygurt, gave an exclusive interview as she talked down Nigeria’s Group of death, revealed her World Cup ambitions and where she would LOVE to marry.


It’s a few days to the start of the World Cup and there is of course the Canada Fever. Take me through how you feel. Excited, nervous, eager?


Never nervous (but) excited and eager. I can’t wait for the games to start.


The falcons have qualified for the AAG, the Olympics is up next. Judging by the ruthlessness of the team under your influence, What is the feeling amongst your teammates concerning the WC. Do you all talk about it?


Yes,  we always talk about it. The girls are so excited about it and really want to make a difference. We want to make history knowing  full well we are the underdogs. But we like that because out of nothing comes something.


Has there been definite word and date on the opponents you will face in Grade A friendlies towards June?


We were told we are going to play Canada and  New Zealand.


Any date or its just tentative?


No date.


It’s your debut world cup so what went through your mind when you saw you were drawn against USA, Australia and Sweden? Second time in a row Nigeria is placed in the ‘Group of death’?


I felt nothing really because I don’t see it as a group of death. With all due respect to the teams, football is no longer played with  names.  It will be sweeter if we finally come out of our group.


What is it about the 2015 squad that makes it in a better place/position to make that much awaited fairytale run (something Japan achieved) than the 2011 squad and even the 1999 squad that got to the Quarterfinal and made history?


If Spain (male team) could be knocked out of the World Cup in the group stage, then anything is possible, (however) I cannot say much. It is between the  players and officials.


Presently, can you state the strengths of the Falcons that make them absolutely ruthless on the African front?


We’ve got a good team spirit, we’re very passionate players. This is the same question as the last one asked. Can’t say all about the team.


FIFA has almost doubled the total prize money, introduced Goal line technology, increased number of teams and some other innovations. Are you pleased with FIFA’s efforts thus far?


Yes they have done well but we are playing on artificial turf. That is not good enough

Let’s talk about your Coach, Edwin Okon. What’s your description of him and what he inputs to the team?


(I can say) He loves winning and never wants to lose. He’s brought that mentality to the team


How long have you been captain?

I’ve been the captain since September 2013

Are you loving it and how has it improved you personally?

Yes I am. It’s an honour and it has really changed me all round as an individual because I now have more responsibilities.


Who are the players you’re looking out for both in your group and outside of it?


Not looking out for anyone.


Okay. What is your realistic WC Prospect?


To qualify first out of the group. We can take it up from there


Let’s get to know your likes a bit. What club do you support then?




Have you got any role model(s)? 


Yes. Maureen Madu of Nigeria


Let’s engage you in a game titled LIVE. MARRY. HOLIDAY. ?




Which of  these countries would you prefer to live in. Australia, Sweden or the USA?








How about Holidays?


Same USA.


(In local parlance) (laughs) …you no like Sweden at all o? (No Sweden?)


(Laughs out)  No (Not yet).


The Falcons would go on to crash out of the group stage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup after finishing in fourth place with a solitary point

Culled from The Women’s Game/Equalizer Soccer World Cup Guide.


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